"Wow"- Enough Said

I had the great pleasure of spending time in Medora this weekend. Being an eastern North Dakota gal, I was a little timid when entering this "western Disney land," but within an hour I was ready to strap some boots on and buy myself a cowboy hat! I had the best time immersing myself into the incredible history of Medora and walking through this small town full of excitement and wonder. Bright, smiling faces as you pass through and stop into shops was what made my day while strolling through with my grandmother. The one thing I had to do was go check out the newly renovated Rough Rider Hotel. My jaw instantly dropped as I enter the beautiful lobby that is contemporary with a twist of history and a whole wall of books for guests to enjoy. I start chatting with the front desk wonderful individuals that have had the greatest compliments since they opened at the beginning of the summer. Although they were completely booked up because there was a wedding reception taking place that night, my grandmother and I got a quick sneak peek into one of the rooms. The "ahhs" and "wows" were endless from us, the smell of everything brand new and colors that were so comforting. The best came last as I entered the bathroom and saw the huge tiled shower with the biggest shower head I've ever seen. I still cannot keep saying "wow," we were so very impressed with the entire atmosphere. Interesting enough, when I was talking with the front desk staff they had said that most of the time what they hear from guests is "wow," and now I realize why. Find your "wow"  in Medora.

The Rough Rider will be open all year-long, so book a night or hold an event at any time in this gorgeous new facility and enjoy the beauty of the Badlands backdrop in Medora.