Where's North Dakota?

I hope most of our visitors know geographically where North Dakota is (center of North America; friendly neighbor to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Minnesota, South Dakota and Montana).  In the figurative sense - North Dakota is in DULUTH this weekend.  The Duluth, Minn. Sports and Travel Show is taking place through Sunday and Mark Zimmerman will be there promoting all the fun things to see and do in North Dakota.  Here are a couple of the upcoming sport and travel shows where North Dakota will be:

  • February 25-28 - Omaha Boat, Sports and Travel Show
  • February 26-28 - Pheasant Fest - Des Moines
  • March 10-14 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Show
  • March 18-21 - International Sportsmen's Expo - Salt Lake City
  • March 24-28 - Northwest Sportshow, Minneapolis

These shows are a great chance to learn about the great fishing, hunting and outdoor adventure found here.  Get your first glimpse of the golfing opportunities, the renown mountain biking and much more.