Parshall, ND - Boomtown

This Saturday, Jan. 29 a new series debuts on the Planet Green Discovery Channel.  The series, called "Boomtown," is set in Parshall, North Dakota, a town of 981 people on the Fort Berthold Reservation - near Lake Sakakawea.  The series follows the lives of some Parshall residents following the discovery of oil - with the fortunes and misfortunes that come with such a discovery.  Watch a preview.

The series premieres at 10 p.m. (eastern, 9 central) on Planet Green.  For an episode schedule, click here.

Oil in North Dakota

If you've been wondering about oil discoveries and impacts in North Dakota, recent reports say the state is currently pumping about 350,000 barrels of crude per day with 161 active rigs.  Production comes from oil formations known as The Bakken and Three Forks.  Estimates by the U.S. Geological Survey in 2008 put recoverable oil at 4 billion barrels, which some consider a conservative estimate.

Detailed information is available from the ND Oil and Gas Division, the North Dakota Petroleum Council and the ND Geological Survey.