North Dakota in pictures

Research is showing that more and more travel planning is being done online.  Not only are official visitor sites like being consulted, but also blogs like this one and traveler-review sites.  These days, people just post a status update for vacation suggestions and get inundated with ideas.

Photos can be one of the most compelling things in vacation planning and help answer a lot of questions.  How did the fairways look?  How big are the buttes?  Are the albino buffalo really white?  North Dakota Tourism hosts a flickr group called Legendary North Dakota Travel where visitors and North Dakotans have shared photos of attractions, events, scenery and wildlife.  Browse through nearly 400 photos, many with interesting facts tagged on them, like this recent photo of the ND Capitol Building by Randy Hoffman.

If you have photos of North Dakota, you're invited to join the group and share your legendary stories.