North Dakota Bois.... they are quite comical!

There was none stop laughter Friday morning here in the tourism division when we all huttled around to check out the hot Youtube video of "North Dakota Bois" This fun remake of Katy Perry's "California Gurls" came out last Thursday and at this moment has had 175,826 views! They are "Midwest Representing" some great tourist attractions including the State Capital, North Dakota Heritage Center, Missouri River, and some of North Dakota's greatest roadside attractions! So who is this clever young fellow who has blessed us with many laughs over the week? He is Ammon Miller from Bismarck, ND who "ya know, ya know" wants to show is appreciation and gratefulness to the state where he has grown up before he heads off to college to study film.  We appreciate the humor! We encourage you to create your own IAM Legendary video! Show us your favorite spots in North Dakota and check out others at