Life in Cayuga ND, life on Mars?

What does North Dakota have in common with Mars? 

An esker, also known as a glacial landform, in rural Cayuga may hold all the information to help NASA prove there was once life on Mars - or someday could have life on Mars.  Scientists know that Mars has large pockets of ridges similar to the ones they have found in North Dakota. NASA along with NDSU professors and teachers have been conducting many experiments on land in Sargent County owned by Curt Breker.

The esker In North Dakota dates back 14,000 years.  They form as freshwater flows through the tunnels of glaciers and deposits sediments in pockets. When the glacier melts, eskers develop as ridged landforms.  A year ago scientists found microbes in the soil at Cayuga.  These microscopic life forms may be the key to finding out whether Mars holds similar treasures.

So, since there is life in Cayuga,  is there life on Mars?  That's what scientists are hoping to figure out in North Dakota.