It's like a frequent flyer program just for private pilots

Visiting by land, air and sea takes on another new meaning here in North Dakota.  There is a new passport program, created specifically for pilots exploring North Dakota by air (and the 89 public airports).  The "Create a Flying Legacy in North Dakota" passport program invites pilots to visit North Dakota's airports, air museums and also participate in FAA safety seminars.  Plus, there are rewards.  Each time you visit a North Dakota airport or air museum, have your passport stamped.  With the proper number of stamps, you can earn a polo shirt, flight bag and a leather flight jacket.

The Flying Legacy passports are free and available from the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission and are located at most of North Dakota's airports (along with the passport stamp) in the Arrival and Departure Building next to the visitors log.  Or call or email the Aeronautics Commission to receive one.

North Dakota has wonderful scenery to entice the traveler-pilot, along with an average 300 VFR days per year.  There are a number of aviator must-sees including museums, historic sites and air force bases.  You can even connect the Lewis and Clark Trail through airports and nearby attractions.  See a list of these attractions at