I love winter!

The headline is 100% completely true. Winter is my favorite season. I love the snow. I love the sparkle. I love the cold. "What?!!" you ask, "You love cold?" Yes - I love the cold. Sure, we joke that northerners stay young-looking because our faces are frozen like botox! But the truth is, winter feels refreshing. The white landscape looks magical. And the sports are fun!

My family was skiing over the holiday break and as my husband and I were talking we agreed, winter is only "bad" for those who don't do anything! North Dakota occasionally makes national weather news for being cold and it's a shame that's the notoriety this beautiful state receives. If you want a better picture (literally) of what winter is like, follow our hashtag on Instagram - #ndlegendary, or our group on Flickr. In recognition of photographers Johnnie Welborn Jr. and Bill Tanata, here are a couple of their photos showing what I mean.



So much to love about winter. North Dakota's sunrises. The sunsets. Ahhhhhh. The crispness of the air - literally cool. It makes your senses alert, and you hear how loud the crunch of footsteps become. There's a sharpness to your breath. The air is so clean that the sun dogs around the sun seem to make it twice as bright. And without winter there wouldn't be snowmobiling, sledding, outdoor skating rinks, ice fishing, snowkiting, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding and much more. What's your favorite winter activity? Where do you find the beauty of this season? Tell us all about your love of winter on our Facebook page.