Canada bests US in final prelim game

It was only a prelim round game between two teams already headed for Monday's semifinals and probably a gold medal showdown. So what did Wednesday's 3-2 win by Canada over the U.S. mean? Probably nothing, except that you had better take advantage of your chances when you get them, because you don't know when other, let's say "factors," will let you down.

Team USA took a 1-0 lead into the third period but was held without a shot on goal for the first 19 minutes. The closest it came was when Grand Forks forward Monique Lamoureux clanged a shot off the goal post. Jocelyn Lamoureux had an assist but Monique was shut out by the Canadians, who benefitted from two missed too many skaters on the ice penalties that weren't called and a goal that replays showed was obviously blown dead with a slowly sliding puck a good foot and a half from the goal.

It's likely the two will play again with much more at stake.