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Visitors to the three units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park find the dramatic scenery and recreational opportunities awe-inspiring.


North Dakota isn't lacking for swimming holes, not with the likes of Lake Sakakawea, Devils Lake, Lake Ashtabula and on and on. Fish aren't the only things paddling around these popular reservoirs; families are, too. Still, there are times when you just can't get to a lake but you still want to turn the kids loose in the pool. Where do you go? With a plethora of indoor waterparks and swimming facilities, consider a Raging Rivers or Splashers of the Seven Seas or the Williston Area Recreation Center. Or others throughout the state. Swimming is a great recreational activity that can be enjoyed year-round. Take your pick. CANNONBALL!

A woman in a white dress floats effortlessly down the hallway of the Custer House. Unless you are George, don't worry, she's not looking for you. Don't let a few ghosts and goblins stand in your way of fun this Halloween. Get out and get lost in the "spirits" of the season in North Dakota.

Railroads played a major role in North Dakota's development as a state. Learn more about the railroading history of North Dakota.

Take a trip down the Enchanted Highway in western North Dakota for a glimpse of classic roadside art. Giant metal sculptures line the highways leading from Gladstone to Regent. The Enchanted Castle in Regents awaits travelers.

 Unique, unusual and wild animals from all around the world make visiting North Dakota
zoos a must for families. Check out the excellent facilities and exquisit animals
in Wahpeton, Fargo, Bismarck and Minot.

Each of North Dakota's 13 state parks offer a unique blend of scenic beauty, outdoor recreation and camping opportunities. Hike, bike, swim, boat and sleep under the stars. Take the Parks and Recreation Challenge for a chance to win a 2018 annual pass.

From art museums to cultural and heritage sites, a journey across North Dakota should include these must-see destinations. Click here for a guide to some of the state's top arts and cultural attractions.

Cabins are a great way to wind down after a day on the trail. Few things are as soothing as settling in in front of a fire with a warm drink and a friend. North Dakota has a selection of comfortable to rustic options.

Playing in the great outdoors is something we all love. Sometimes, however, we need to exercise our minds as well as our bodies. On those days, visit one of the state's many museums to hear the story of North Dakota and learn of the struggles and successes of North Dakotans who came before you. From ravaging dinosaurs to soaring warbirds, from artists' brush strokes on canvas to polished rocks, North Dakota has a museum display sure to lift the spirit.

Showing 31 - 40 of 67