Zombies invade Fort Abraham Lincoln's Haunted Fort

Do your part to save the world. Help stop the zombie invasion at Haunted Fort

An old fort with a bloody history; a cold, dark, moonlit night near the woods and some old buildings; coyotes baying in the distance. Sounds a lot like a place made specifically for a haunting. Fort Abraham Lincoln south of Mandan is all that and more on any fall night. Throw in some ghosts, ghost stories and now zombies and you've got a truly haunting experience.

For years, the Haunted Fort has introduced visitors to the macabre, the walking undead and other assorted frights and terrors. The stories date back in time to the mid-1800s when the wives and friends of 7th Cavalry soldiers waited in vain here for a reunion that never happened.

Since then, Libbie Custer and other specters have been seen on the grounds and in Custer House. Their appearances are celebrated each year around Halloween. It’s always been a frightening event due to the assorted and sordid displays common to other haunted houses. But there is something really scary about being out in the country in the dark.

This year, the fort is ramping up the terror and fun by turning zombies loose on the grounds. This time, however, humans have the advantage as they have discovered these zombies are vulnerable to paintballs. Fire away.

That’s right, a night-time, zombie-gunning paintball range known as The Battlefield will be part of Haunted Fort. Those who are tired of the impending zombie apocalypse can take out their frustrations on the slow-moving (or fast?) walking undead.

Haunted Fort is open weekends beginning October 6-7 through October 27-28.

Haunted Fort is just one of the many “haunted houses” and such found in North Dakota. Click here for other locations

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