Socially Speaking

Socially Speaking

Social media isn't just a fad anymore, it's a way of life. Let us help you up your social game to spread the word about North Dakota.

There is no question that social media plays a huge part in today’s tourism marketing space. Research shows 52% of users report making plans to visit a destination based on what family, friends and peers share of their travels on social media. So how do we make the most of these opportunities in a digital space that is constantly growing and changing? Well, hopefully we can help make that challenge a bit easier! Check out our short tutorials and tips (released at least once a month) to help you up your social game and help more people discover beautiful North Dakota.

Tips for Instagram set-up and posting

Five free tools to help with social marketing

2021 Trends to work into your social strategy

Using Facebook's Audience Insights tool to target niche audiences

Three ways to run a travel-focused photo contest

ND Tourism's Digital Education Recommendations 

Consider Pinterest for social marketing

Learn the basics of YouTube

Three creative tiers to define to help your content strategy

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