red trail
red trail

Sample North Dakota's Finest Wines, One Sip at a Time

Like their cousins the microbreweries, North Dakota's wineries and vineyards are springing up all across the state, turning out bottles of traditional and not-so-traditional products (dandelion wine, anyone?). Many wineries incorporate North Dakota agricultural products such as  honey and fruit, along with other unique local ingredients into their beverages. Interested in visiting the locations? Many are open to the public with regular business hours but some locations ask that visitors call ahead for more information about business hours and tours.


Bear Creek Winery, 8800 25th St. S., Fargo, 701-306-7513 (Call ahead)
Prairie Rose Meadery, 3101 39th St. SW, Suite E, Fargo, 701-371-3690
4E Winery, 3766 156th Ave., SE, Mapleton, 701-936-9693
Maple River Winery, 628 Front St., Casselton, 701-347-5900
Prairiewood Winery, 12443, 68th St. SE, Lisbon, 701-683-5866
Dakota Vines Vineyard and Winery, 17355 County Road 4, Colfax, 701-553-8807
Rookery Rock Winery, 3660 147th Ave. SE, Wheatland, 701-280-2470
Dakota Sun Gardens and Winery, 955 73rd Ave. NE, Carrington, 701-674-3316
Urban Winery, 6 N. Main, Suite 103, Minot, N.D., 612-919-7448
Pointe of View Winery and Souris Valley Vineyard, 8413 19th Ave. NW, Burlington, 701-839-5505
Wolf Creek Winery, 3631 Wolf Creek Road, Coleharbor, 701-220-7237
Fluffy Fields Winery and Vineyard, 2708 21st St. E., Dickinson, 701-483-2242


Double D Vineyards, 16805 83rd St., SE, Hankinson, 701-545-7415
Dakota Breeze Vineyard, 17805 83rd St. SE, Wahpeton, 701-642-1940
Kesselring Vineyard, 5720 160th Ave., SE, Kindred, 612-741-5691
Long Shadow Vineyards, 922 150th Ave. SE, Galesburg, 701-488-2669
Twisted Sisters Vineyard, 15154 Sixth St. SE, Blanchard, 701-636-5926 or 701-786-2712
Red Trail Vineyard, 3510 142nd Ave. SE, Buffalo, 701-238-3337
Stomp’n Grapes Vineyard, 210 County Road 19 N, Cooperstown, 701-426-0385
Sawyer Crossing Vineyard, 12751 Highway 52 S, Sawyer, 701-818-0431
Coyote Hills Vineyards, 6992 53rd Ave. SE, Lehr, 701-378-2277
Prince Family Vineyard, 600 NW First St., Linton, 916-704-7651
Haymarsh Valley Vineyards, 3220 County Road 88, Glen Ullin, 701-878-4167
Wildrose Vineyard, 1181 59th Ave. SW, Beulah, 701-873-5692