On the road again

Spring means runners are back on the road

To a runner used to being on the road and seeing new sights with every different training run, going inside to a treadmill for winter is torture. The arrival of spring is a breath of fresh air as avid runners and those just out for a little jog can get back outside without freezing up.

To some, going back outside means it's time to start training for competitive running season. Many area races are held in the spring but the first big one is the Fargo Marathon on May 14-19. That's followed by other events like the Bismarck Marathon, Wild Hog Marathon in Grand Forks and the Maah Daah Hey Trail Run in Medora.

The Red River Runners of Grand Forks have races scheduled monthly, while Fargo's Lake Agassiz Pacers plan events in that area.

Some people need more than just a hard running surface to get a good workout. You'll find those people running obstacles, hills and woodlands as they train for North Dakota extreme adventure racing. These test the limits of physical endurance and are becoming more and more popular. After a few months shut up indoors, people are ready to do anything outdoors.


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