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 Forget for a moment that the movie “Woman Walks Ahead” is anything more than a great story: That a woman from New York City came to Fort Yates Agency in the late 1800s and painted Sitting Bull, one of the greatest and most well-known Native American chiefs in our country’s history. That... Read More
“My perception of the bison has changed since I’ve worked at the museum. I understand more their purpose to our prairie ecology which makes them more meaningful.” During summer breaks from working towards her degree at NDSU, Jennifer Nannega returns to her hometown to work at a childhood... Read More
(Click on images above to scroll through the gallery of winners and honorable mentions) BISMARCK, N.D. – Steve Silseth's photo “Pintail” has been named Best in Show in the 15th annual North Dakota Governor's Photo Contest. Gov. Doug Burgum recognized the winning photographs and honorable... Read More
“Anyone that suffers from asthma or can’t play in other sports can still shoot. You can jump on a cart and get out and have some fun in the outdoors.” From a young age, Jim Jones, manager of Painted Woods Sporting Complex, remembers going out to a shooting range with his parents and sisters. “My... Read More
"Both of us remember what it was like doing all of our business within a 50-mile radius ... Even going back and looking at it today, we could have never dreamed of it being this good, of it turning out this well." Juneberry and milk chocolate; rhubarb strawberry chocolate and vanilla. People may... Read More
Fall is a change of seasons in North Dakota in more ways than one. Meteorogically speaking, it's a colorful transition period between summer and winter. In the sports world, summer baseball gives way to the big daddy - football. In North Dakota, that means teams from NCAA Football Championship... Read More
"A picture is worth a 1,000 words but no picture does any particular location full justice. When you come out and actually set foot on or put tires to the trail it is an indescribable experience." When Nick Ybarra tells the story of his first ride on the Maah Daah Hey Trail, his eyes twinkle as... Read More
“We still want to be the leader in North Dakota and the brewery that people look to in the state ad say okay they’re kind of the ones at the forefront of what’s happening.” It’s a story known around the tall fermentation tanks of Fargo Brewing Company and it’s called the "Christmas Beeracle."... Read More
North Dakota in the News Outdoor adventure, hidden gems, vibrant communities, genuine history and culture and more! See where North Dakota has been featured in print, online and broadcast media outlets on a regional, national and international level. Find links below to some recent mentions. You'... Read More

Where can you find a lake 180 miles long, that has more shoreline than the California Pacific coast and is brimming with state parks? North Dakota. Lake Sakakawea is a wonderland for anglers, boaters, campers and swimmers who take advantage of its immense size year-round. With easy access points around the lake, beautiful scenery and many places to drop anchor, there is something there for every outdoor enthusiast.

Showing 1 - 10 of 362