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"I spent 12 years in Minnesota, and I didn’t fish nearly as much as I fish here." It all began with a guided ice fishing trip out on Devils Lake. Rick Smith was a client of Perch Patrol and after visiting, he fell in love with the area. Now Smith is the general manager of Sleep Inn and... Read More
Swiss painter Karl Bodmer was the first artist to go into painstaking detail to accurately capture Native American culture in North Dakota. In the early 1830s, Bodmer painted 81 aquatints, the prints of which can be seen today at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Washburn. The... Read More
Welcome to North Dakota where possibility is as endless as the horizon. This is the land that inspired Theodore Roosevelt to Be Legendary. Today’s travelers and trailblazers find inspiration in the legends of the past, the diverse landscape, endless outdoor experiences and the vibrant, diverse... Read More
As we begin a new decade, it’s time to put aside the memories of what we did or didn’t do in the past and start fresh in our pursuit of lasting memories and experiences. We all get a chance to Be Legendary again, so take advantage of the opportunities. Here are some North Dakota adventures to... Read More

Where is the best place to ice fish in North Dakota? Well, that's a loaded question. There really is no best place, but there are a few places better than most of the rest. Check out these hot spots.

A person can squeeze a lot of trail time into a short winter day. A little snow and a bright blue sky are part of the allure of winter in North Dakota. Embrace the shorter days and snow-covered ground by hiking the trails solo or joining other adventurous souls. Thousands... Read More
From clothing design to the setting of the fictional kingdom of Arendelle, Disney’s "Frozen" pulls inspiration from the Nordic culture. Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are based on a Danish legend and with one of the largest Scandinavian populations in the country, you can find many “Frozen” elements... Read More
"That’s our thing, come out and get fluffy and then sometimes people say when they leave 'I got fluffed up.'" When you read about the history of wine, it’s a dignified one. It’s been symbol of high social status and impeccable class throughout the ages. But at a small, local winery in Dickinson,... Read More
Gov. Doug Burgum has announced the winning photographs and honorable mentions of the 16th annual North Dakota Governor's Photo Contest at a ceremony in Memorial Hall of the North Dakota Capitol. Zachary Hargrove's "Stormy Sunset" was chosen Best in Show and the Scenery category winner. The... Read More
“Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is really the three Ps: pumpkins, pictures and play places.”   Fall is a magical time of year. Green leaves turn gold. Summer temps dip to a crisp chill. It's a season that embodies change and all the beauty that comes along with it. "It's a biblical thing … It’s the... Read More
Showing 1 - 10 of 303