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There’s nothing quite like a road trip for family bonding time — snapping pictures by quirky roadside attractions and seeking new adventures together. North Dakota native and actor Josh Duhamel would say there’s no place quite like North Dakota for your family trip this year. “... Read More
North Dakota native and actor Josh Duhamel can’t keep it a secret: Theodore Roosevelt National Park is an inspiring place. He still loves returning to the uncrowded, untamed beauty of this national treasure named for the conservationist president who once ranched there. What makes Theodore... Read More
Pardon our forwardness, but we think North Dakota should be on everyone’s bucket list — especially Theodore Roosevelt National Park with its rugged scenery, roaming wildlife and the kind of outdoor adventure that inspired our 26th President. Here are more ideas for your particular kind... Read More
No one gets to Be Legendary by sitting around. You have to work (or play) at it to become legendary and you do so one activity at a time, over time - kind of like drops in a bucket. There are many ways to Be Legendary in North Dakota. Create your own personal bucket list of activities and set out... Read More
“If you aren’t marking anything you know to move and keep looking and the hunt begins. To us as fishing guides, finding the fish is more rewarding than the catch, honestly.” Coined as some of the most mobile guide in the industry, the guides behind Perch Patrol never stop hunting for the best... Read More
Whether you have already arrived and are selecting your next activity or still  in the process of planning your vacation, this guide will provide ideas and inspiration for a memorable North Dakota experience!  Inside, you’ll find top attractions, action-packed itineraries and exciting... Read More

North Dakota isn't called the "Duck Factory" for no reason. Located smack dab in the middle of the Central Flyway, a virtual waterfowl superhighway from Canada to the Gulf Coast, North Dakota's vast wetlands lends itself to perfect duck nesting habitat. With that, obviously, comes great duck hunting. Here are some of the best duck hunting areas in North Dakota.

“I love the look of initial discovery. When you have someone who has never been out before and you find something, it’s a great feeling”   Becky Barnes grew up as a self-proclaimed “girl who loves monsters.” You wouldn’t find her playing with Barbies or a doll house when she was young. Instead... Read More
North Dakota is a cinematographer’s playground. Diverse landscapes from the wide open lush farmlands of the Red River Valley, natural beauty of our rivers and lakes including the historic Missouri River and enormous Lakes Sakakawea and Devils Lake that give way to the rugged canyons and buttes in... Read More
Thinking of filming in North Dakota?  The Tourism Division of the Department of Commerce is the first point of contact for inquiries about film and media productions in North Dakota. The State of North Dakota currently has no incentives for productions. The Tourism division can assist... Read More
Showing 31 - 40 of 303