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Cooperatize Campaigns in Full Swing
Marney Gellner #NorthDakotaSummer
Explore ND Contest
What We're Seeing
Elkhorn Ranch by Boat
Cemetery on National Register
What’s New for 2018
Update Website Listings for 2018 Travel Guide
Advertise in the 2018 Guides
Group Travel Tip: Track Your Prints Ads
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Cooperatize Campaigns in Full Swing

North Dakota Tourism’s partnership with Cooperatize, a leading marketplace for travel advertisers, bloggers and micro-influencers, continues to see great results while providing fresh content for potential visitors. This platform has allowed us to connect with influencers as they tell our “Legendary” stories. There have been 14 stories published garnering 22.8 million impressions so far. These stories are now featured in the media section of our website. The most recent stories are featured under Family Fun and History and Culture.


Marney Gellner #NorthDakotaSummer

North Dakota Tourism, along with cooperative partners Grand Forks, Devils Lake, Williston, Medora and Bismarck, sponsored a #NorthDakotaSummer road trip for Fox Sports Network anchor Marney Gellner and her family. The trip took place June 7-13 and this segment aired during the Minnesota Twins game on June 21. Marney also made 14 Twitter posts to her 17,900 followers and FSN made five posts to its 65,100 Twitter followers and five posts to its 157,000-plus Facebook fans.


Explore ND Contest

North Dakota Tourism conducted a social media promotion called Explore North Dakota in May with the goal to drive more referrals to NDtourism.com from Facebook and Twitter. Daily participation in the contest led to a 21% increase in site visitations and social media increases in reach and impressions. Explore ND resulted in a 25% increase in first-time visits to the site. Referrals from Facebook were up 71% from desktops, 22.8% from laptops and 11.2% from mobile devices. Twitter referrals were up 22.8%. Visitors ordered 79 travel guides and 120 signed up for leisure E-News and 60 for hunting and fishing E-News. 


What We’re Seeing

Summer is heating up and travel is too! Here’s an early look at what we’re seeing. Second-quarter stats will be available late July.

  • Through May, hotel occupancy was up 9.8% over 2016 but ADR continued to slide. STR reports a 46.9% occupancy rate for statewide North Dakota, YTD.
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park, on the heels of their most-visited year since 1978, is seeing 11% more visitors than last year.
  • Traffic to NDtourism.com is 3% higher than this time last year. However, distribution of the Travel Guide is lagging behind 2016 numbers.
  • Inquiries are up 8% through May largely due to nice increases in January and February.


Elkhorn Ranch by Boat

North Dakota Tourism hosted wooden boat guide and author Greg Hatten on a FAM trip that included boating on the Little Missouri River near the Elkhorn Ranch Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in early June. Hatten specializes in adventures running rivers in his handcrafted wood drift boat. He was writing a magazine article about Theodore Roosevelt’s pursuit of a trio of boat thieves that stole his boat and the adventure of apprehending and bringing the thieves to justice. TR’s former ranch site in western North Dakota will also be featured.

“It was a tough year to attempt any sort of run on the Little Missouri,” North Dakota Tourism’s Mike Jensen said. "With drought conditions gripping most of western North Dakota, the river was reduced to a couple of inches at some points. “We gave it our best try, still getting some great photos and video of the sections of river at the Elkhorn Ranch site."

Hatten also shot images with a North Dakota backdrop for his sponsors. That's value-added.


Cemetery on National Register

A rural cemetery near Garske has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Sons of Jacob Cemetery near Garske in Ramsey County is the oldest cemetery for a Jewish agricultural community in North Dakota and is the only site remaining from the Garske Colony. Within this cemetery, there are stones with traditional Jewish funerary symbols and inscriptions but also uncommon homemade grave markers. Click here for more.


What’s New for 2018?

North Dakota Tourism is looking for new and exciting offerings to promote for 2018. If your community has a new attraction, event or accommodation, we would like to hear about it. Please contact Public and Media Relations Manager Kim Schmidt to make sure your new offering is included in social media and media pitches.


Update Website Listings for 2018 Travel Guide

Tourism partners, it’s time to start thinking about refreshing your attraction and accommodation listings on NDtourism.com. You will be getting a reminder from Tourism July 10 and again on July 25. The deadline for ensuring that updates are ready for the 2018 travel guide is August 11, after which they will be pulled from the site and readied for inclusion in the guide. Anyone with events should use this time to add events for 2018 to the Tourism site through partner access. Contact Tammy Backhaus or Scooter Pursley if you cannot remember your username and/or password or need one created for you. 


Advertise in the 2018 Guides

North Dakota Tourism is again working with the NDRECs/North Dakota Living to sell advertising in the 2018 Travel Guide and Hunting & Fishing Guide. This is the only authorized sub-contractor for printed guide sales. For advertising information, contact Clark Van Horn at 701-667-6436 or [email protected].


Group Travel Tip: Track Your Print Ads

Unique ad features clue you into which print campaigns are driving sales. Click here for more details.


Travel Updates

  • Travel information map
  • Eastbound and westbound Oriska Rest Area on Interstate 94, approximately 12 miles east of Valley City, is temporarily closed for construction.
  • Paddle On, north of Mandan at Harmon Lake, is offering fitness classes on the water.
  • Fargo’s Theatre B has moved.