Explore North Dakota's Nature Conservancy Areas and Interpretive Trails

Find pieces of history and natural wonders with these scenic destinations.

Experience North Dakota's scenic beauty, pristine landscapes and natural wildlife at one of five Nature Conservancy areas, or along an interpretive trail. From history to natural wonders, create legendary memories.

Nature Conservancy Areas

Brown Ranch

Located in Ransom County about eight miles northeast of Milnor. Canoeing the Sheyenne River, photography, bird watching and mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding on the North Country National Scenic Trail are some of the activities.

Cross Ranch Preserve

Located adjacent to Cross Ranch State Park about 30 miles north of Mandan. Here you will find riparian woodlands, forests of cottonwoods and willows. Bison herds are maintained in the central and south units. Birding is another popular activity.

Davis Ranch

Located five miles south of Denhoff, or 14 miles north of Wing. This is an area renowned for its production of waterfowl and includes some of the best waterfowl breeding habitat in the prairie pothole region.

John E. Williams Preserve

Located in central North Dakota within eastern McLean County.  This is the largest conservancy area with 2,103 acres in the Preserve and adjacent public land and waters available for visitation, bringing total site to 4,446 acres. Vegetation and wildlife are abundant.

Pigeon Point Preserve

Located in a straight line 8 miles southeast of Sheldon. Although part of the Sheyenne Delta, the landscape is dominated by sand prairies. Activities by beavers are most noticeable at the preserve. Rare plants are also found.

Interpretive Trails

From hiking and biking to birding or following the Lewis & Clark story ... North Dakota's nature and interpretive trails provide adventure, escape, challenge and beautiful scenery. There are more than 100 miles of trails in North Dakota's state parks and hundreds more throughout the state. A few favorite North Dakota interpretive trails include the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Trail and Lake Audubon National Wildlife Refuge.

If you have specific interest in hiking, biking, birding, horseback riding or other trail activities, you can also search for information by activity. Learn more about the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department's program to recognize Legendary Trails of North Dakota.

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