Dig in to North Dakota AgriTourism

Get your hands dirty, relax and feast at North Dakota's farms, ranches and wineries.


Agritourism is the crossroads of tourism and agriculture. Agriculture is one of North Dakota's leading industry and its magnificent beauty and impact can be explored by visitors. Touring North Dakota's vast and rolling plains is just one way to see agriculture as a part of everyday life. Education vacations are another way to see both historic and modern farming operations.

Ranches, Farms & Gardens

North Dakota's ranches, farms & gardens provide meals for millions. As one of the state's leading industries, agriculture production creates enough beef to make 2 billion hamburgers, enough wheat for 108 billion sandwiches, and enough durum wheat for 93 pounds of pasta for every American. Relax, reflect and have a feast on the eyes at one of North Dakota's iconic ranches, farms or gardens.


North Dakota is home to 23 wineries and numerous vineyards, and the popularity of North Dakota wines is growing. From pumpkin to rhubarb, apple to honey - there's a variety to excite the palate. Tours and tasting is available at all locations.