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UAV/Drone Drone use, or the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), in productions is becoming increasingly popular across the nation. Regulations surrounding drone use continues to evolve and change.   Federal drone laws apply to every state in the U.S. Drone regulations are enforced by... Read More
North Dakota recognizes the independent nation status of each reservation and does not claim any authority or jurisdiction on reservation lands. The North Dakota Film Commission encourages filmmakers to respect Indian lands and people who contribute to their work so they will be welcomed to return... Read More
Permits No general permit is offered or required to film in North Dakota. The Division of Tourism of the North Dakota Department of Commerce can assist with permitting questions. While the Department of Commerce does not issue permits, its relationships and contacts with destinations across the... Read More
“What people see in me I hope are good things. They can say that this man is genuine. That he is somebody that is trying the best he can, not only for his people, but for himself and for his family.” History is charitable. It always has something to offer, even for those who don’t realize they’re... Read More
While it's true that Grand Forks is a bustling college town and the largest city in northeast North Dakota, it is much more than that. The city, and its sister city of East Grand Forks, Minnesota, have a knack for making visitors feel young at heart - much like the thousands of University of North... Read More
Our state agencies work diligently to make life better for the people who live here, work here or visit. We want anyone interacting with our state government to know they are interacting with the people of North Dakota. Evolving and unifying the brand helps convey that message. North Dakota — Be... Read More
There are some pretty scray places in North Dakota. Here is a sampling of some experiences related by friends and neighbors. You may have heard some of the stories. If not, enjoy ... If you dare! The Love of James Memorial Art Center Found Again at Urban Winery She Stalks the Harvey Library... Read More
Can You Hear the Voices at the Old High School I bought this old high school in Traill County back in 1998. I never told anybody about the weird voices I’ve heard because I thought I was losing it! I only started sharing once others started to notice it, too. Often times you will hear people... Read More
 Forget for a moment that the movie “Woman Walks Ahead” is anything more than a great story: That a woman from New York City came to Fort Yates Agency in the late 1800s and painted Sitting Bull, one of the greatest and most well-known Native American chiefs in our country’s history. That alone... Read More
“My perception of the bison has changed since I’ve worked at the museum. I understand more their purpose to our prairie ecology which makes them more meaningful.” During summer breaks from working towards her degree at NDSU, Jennifer Nannega returns to her hometown to work at a childhood... Read More
Showing 41 - 50 of 303