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From clothing design to the setting of the fictional kingdom of Arendelle, Disney’s "Frozen" pulls inspiration from the Nordic culture. Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are based off a Danish legend and with one of the largest Scandinavian populations in the country, you can find many “Frozen” elements... Read More
"That’s our thing, come out and get fluffy and then sometimes people say when they leave 'I got fluffed up.'" When you read about the history of wine, it’s a dignified one. It’s been symbol of high social status and impeccable class throughout the ages. But at a small, local winery in Dickinson,... Read More
Gov. Doug Burgum has announced the winning photographs and honorable mentions of the 16th annual North Dakota Governor's Photo Contest at a ceremony in Memorial Hall of the North Dakota Capitol. Zachary Hargrove's "Stormy Sunset" was chosen Best in Show and the Scenery category winner. The... Read More
“Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is really the three Ps: pumpkins, pictures and play places.”   Fall is a magical time of year. Green leaves turn gold. Summer temps dip to a crisp chill. It's a season that embodies change and all the beauty that comes along with it. "It's a biblical thing … It’s the... Read More
“Some of our favorite people come from places that I’ve never been, probably never be there, but they come here every year. The first thing they do is come give me a hug and it’s so much like family.” Family is everything at Indian Hills Resort, according to current owner/operator, Kelly Sorge.... Read More
There are hunting opportunities on tribal lands where non-resident, non-tribal members may have additional opportunities to pursue game. Some licenses not available to non-residents statewide, like spring turkey, bison or pronghorn are sometimes offered or lottery drawn by tribal game and fish for... Read More
Gov. Doug Burgum and the North Dakota Tourism Division, in partnership with AAA of North Dakota and North Dakota Council on the Arts, are kicking off the 2019 Governor’s Photo Contest. All North Dakota photographers are encouraged to submit photos that capture the unique things to see and do in the... Read More
“I came from a place where you don't really look in the eyes ... Now I was in a place where I’m walking down the street and everybody, literally every single person, wave to you or say hello or ask how you doing? And that was like really magical. People trusted you from the moment they met you.”... Read More

The cool, blue waters of North Dakota's lakes and rivers attract more than just anglers looking for fish. They're also some of the best kayaking waters around. From steady flowing rivers like the Missouri, to tranquil lakes and streams, here are some of the best kayaking areas in North Dakota.

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