A scope helps birders get up close to their favorite species in North Dakota.
A scope helps birders get up close to their favorite species in North Dakota.

Birding Adventures Await in North Dakota

Unspoiled scenery and an active migration season make North Dakota a birding hot spot.

North Dakota is smack dab in the middle of the Central Flyway, making it a top destination for millions of birds. The action-packed spring migration season provides astounding opportunities to see birds in their natural habitat, boasting beautiful breeding plumage.

Birding drives and hiking trails present beautiful, unspoiled scenery and wildlife, and the opportunity to see, hear and photograph a large variety of birds. Checklists are available from many locations, including North Dakota's state parks and from the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center.

North Dakota has 63 national wildlife refuges - more than any other state. Many refuges have infrastructure like visitor centers, auto routes and photography blinds. 

Unique birding festivals are held in North Dakota, including Turtle Mountain Birding Festival and Lostwood Birding Festival.

Throughout the state, visitors will also find a network of trails, like Birding Drives Dakota with six distinct drives providing beginner and avid birders plenty of opportunities to experience our beautiful and unique prairie landscape.

North Dakota Birding Resources

A number of additional birding resources are also available. The North Dakota Birding Society hosts a birding discussion listserv. Birders can subscribe to the list and see archives. North Dakota Parks and Recreation has checklists available online and a list of the parks in the state with the types of species found there.

Be sure to check out the lists of birding events taking place annually. visitors will find popular events from festivals to Christmas counts.

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