5 Things to Love About Winter in North Dakota

Cold? Snowy? Who Cares? Let these activities melt away the winter blahs.

Don't let the snow or the cold or the shorter winter days get you down. Instead, get outside and take advantage of the unique recreational opportunities that can only be enjoyed in winter. Here are five things to love about winter in North Dakota:

Ice Fishing: Anglers love the change of seasons. They got from open-water fishing from a boat or shore to ice fishing on an upturned bucket of modern icehouse on the middle of a lake. The technique and bait may change, but the challenge and the excitement remain. Head to Devils Lake, Lake Sakakawea, Lake Audubon, Lake Metigoshe and hundreds of smaller lakes and rivers to chase northern pike, walleye and perch. Click here for more.

ski.jpgSkiing: North Dakota may not be mountainous like, say, Colorado or Wyoming. But it does have downhill skiing, snowboarding and tubing. Click here for for more about Huff Hills, Frostfire Park and Bottineau Winter Park Those looking for a little less excitement on skis can find the conditions of state parks' cross-country trails here and yurts to stay in here

Snowmobiling: North Dakota has more than 2,800 miles of groomed trails spread out along 14 trail systems. And that's just official Snowmobile North Dakota trails. Hundreds of miles of other trails lead to and through some of the most scenic areas in the state. Click here for more on snowmobiling.   

Sledding: Some of the most fun activities are those enjoyed by parents and kids alike. Take sledding, for instance. Grab a sled, find a hill - Even in the Red River Valley - and get busy creating lasting memories.

Hiking (snowshoeing): Lace up the winter boots and strap on the snowshoes and you a ready for a day on or off trail. Hiking in North Dakota doesn't stop just because it snowed. Determined hikers just strap on the snowshoes and head out to one of these great day hiking areas.