North Dakota Community Form - Profile & Escort Notes


SFN 59726 (01/2013)

If you have any questions, please contact Deanne Cunningham, 701-328-2502 or e-mail: [email protected].

Community Name: Is the official city name.
The year the city was settled and for whom it was named. The year that would correlate with the community’s centennial. Example: In 1875, the community of Edwinton, changed its name to Bismarck and was named after Chancellor of Germany, Prince Otto Eduard Leopold Von Bismarck – Schonhausen.
Population of your city.
Who settled the community? Who homesteaded the community? Example: Bismarck was settled by Germans, Germans from Russia, Swedish, Norwegian immigrants.
Example: Centennials, quasquicentennials, August the Deuce, Norsk Hostfest, German Festivals, United Tribes Technical College International Powwow, etc.
Examples can be medical, military, universities or city agencies.
Performance opportunities in which visiting groups can perform. Examples: Parades, outdoor theaters, school assemblies, church, senior centers or malls, etc.
Something in your community that is unique. Best place to get ice-cream, Iron Cross Cemetery, a cafe with the best coffee or pie, a church group providing lefsa experience.
List as many as five to 10 fun facts on your community. Example: “Did you know” that 13 presidents have visited our state during their time in office, either officially or unofficially.
Famous writer, actor, actress, singer or dancer, someone from your community that is known for their craft. This can include the Rough Riders Hall of Fame recipients or professional athletes, politicians/governors from your community.
A local person who would share stories about your community or be a good step-on guide.