North Dakota Tourism Media Plan

Thanks for your commitment to working together to market North Dakota. Our mission at the North Dakota Department of Commerce Tourism Division is to bring visitors and their dollars to the State of North Dakota. Over the past several years, we have been building the LEGENDARY brand, focusing on North Dakota’s rich culture and history, scenic beauty and fun things to see and do. Last year we also expanded our border/city strategy, focusing on the unique events, dining and shopping that attracts weekend visitors. Our research and results focus continues to guide our creative decisions, and our return on investment continues to show significant economic returns to the state. This media plan includes information on our program areas and the partnership opportunities offered to our stakeholders. Each of our professionals is available to answer questions, assist partners, and work to fulfill the mission of the Tourism Division.

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2016 Media Plan
Thanks for your interest in North Dakota Tourism’s 2016 marketing and media plan. This summer, our photo and video shoot received a bit more attention than normal thanks to Josh Duhamel. He’s a North Dakota boy who has made it big but has never denied his North Dakota roots. He continues to tout the many positives of North Dakota on talk shows, events, social media and often returns home to see family and friends and support North Dakota causes. Josh has even invested in tourism and hospitality businesses in North Dakota. August 2015, when the media got wind of our shoot with Josh, we garnered another 17.7 million impressions. The story was picked up by People Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle and Travel Pulse. We can’t wait for January 2016 when we unveil the new creative showcasing Josh Duhamel enjoying unique North Dakota travel experiences! His enthusiasm, fun and love of adventure is captured in many photos and video that we plan to use to attract new attention to North Dakota as a travel destination. This partnership will allow North Dakota, with one of the smallest tourism budgets in the county, to stand out from competitors. If you would like a copy of the 2016 Media Plan, please contact Heather LeMoine, Marketing Manager at

Cooperative Advertising
North Dakota Tourism offers a cooperative advertising program to the industry with the goal of building brand awareness of the state while driving traffic to participating partners. By combining efforts, our advertising dollars go farther and we produce a greater impact. We have carefully analyzed hundreds of opportunities based on price, geographic reach, target audiences and niche opportunities to ensure that the partnership opportunities deliver tremendous value for your investment.

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