National Travel and Tourism Week

National Travel and Tourism Week will be celebrated across the nation May 2-10, 2015. It's a great occasion to shine the spotlight on North Dakota's travel industry and a timely one to showcase its importance. 

The travel industry is powerful and makes impactful contributions to the U.S. economy. In fact, according to USTA data, the travel industry is projected to drive more than $17 trillion in business this year. In North Dakota, we are the third-largest industry in the state, attracting 24 million visitors and contributing $3.6 billion to the economy.

Jack Dalrymple - North Dakota Governor

Everyone who travels has different reasons for doing so – different motivations, different desired outcomes and different take-aways when the travel is complete. Some people travel to relax and to make memories, others travel as part of special occasions like honeymoons, college tours or family reunions. Still more travel for business, to make a sales call, attend a conference or interview for a new job. There really is no one way or one reason to travel.

So how would you complete the statement “Travel is ____”?

Sara Otte Coleman - North Dakota Tourism Director