Advertising with North Dakota Tourism

North Dakota Tourism has a variety of options available for partners to affordably reach broader markets with their advertising and promotion - including free listings and paid advertising in the official Travel Guide and Hunting & Fishing Guide, free listings and paid advertising on and cooperative advertising with the state in the annual paid media program.

Travel Guide and Hunting & Fishing Guide

Produced annually, these guides are distributed through sport, travel and trade shows, visitor centers and rest areas, airports and other points of entry, and through prospective visitor fulfillment and request. In 2014, 335,000 Travel Guides will be distributed and 50,000 Hunting & Fishing Guides. Free listings for attractions, accommodations and events are offered in the Travel Guide. Content for the listings must be provided online, by using a free partner log-in found here.

Paid advertising is also available in each guide. Sales for the guides is provided by an official vendor, Clark Van Horn at North Dakota Living. To learn more about guide advertising, please see the media kits linked below.

2015 Travel Guide advertising information

2015 Hunting & Fishing Guide advertising information is the official website for travel information to North Dakota and the primary call-to-action on the state's $2.5 million advertising campaign. The site had 2-million page views last year and in 2014 is reaching record numbers of traffic - more than 3,000 unique visitors each day. Free listings for attractions, accommodations and events are offered. These listings must be submitted by the tourism business or entity, by using a free partner log-in found here.

A new advertising program is available for display ads, featured content and listings. Online advertising sales is provided by an official vendor, Lisa Schwartz at Miles. To learn more about these advertising options, a media kit is below. Here is also a link for a recording of an online webinar.

Website advertising media kit

If you're looking for additional tips on formating digital ads to increase success - here is a White Paper with suggestions.


Cooperative Advertising

Each fall, North Dakota Tourism unveils to industry stakeholders its Media Plan for the upcoming calendar year. At that meeting, the Tourism Division also introduces its cooperative advertising program. This program outlines a number of cost effective and diverse media opportunities to cooperatively advertise with the state, providing greater advertising reach and efficiency. The goal of the program is to build brand awareness while driving traffic to participating partners. In combining efforts, advertising dollars go further to produce a greater impact. Odney, the agency of record for North Dakota Tourism, analyzes these cooperative advertising options and makes recommendations based on price, geographic reach, target audience, niche opportunities and state synergy to ensure that the options deliver value for the investments of all partners.

The 2015 Cooperative Advertising program can be found here. Reservations are taken on a first-come first-served basis and most options do fill.

Cooperative Marketing Reservation Form