North Dakota Tourism Grants


Cooperative Advertising Grants

North Dakota Tourism is providing support through a 1:1 match on select cooperative advertising programs in the 2017 calendar year. The programs that qualify are identified in the 2017 Media Plan. Applicants must fill out the Tourism Co-Op Advertising Grant Application in its entirety and return to Tourism Development Manager Dean Ihla as soon as possible. Dollars will be awarded on an ongoing basis. Funds are limited. Matched dollars are capped at $4,000 per participant. All dollars are expected to be awarded by December 1, 2016. 


Marketing and Event Grants

The Marketing Grant Program supports individual businesses, communities and tourism marketing organizations wanting to promote North Dakota tourism-related programs or projects.

The Events Grant Program supports communities, and event promoters wanting to regionally promote their tourism-related event. 

Information on these grant programs may be available at a future date.



Expansion Grants

Tourism Expansion Grants are matching grants requiring the sponsor to provide $1 for every $1 of grant money being requested. The total amount of grant dollars awarded for this program is $100,000 with individual grant amounts ranging from $5,000 to $24,000.  Funds may be used to build or expand tourism and recreation attractions.  The attraction must have the ability to attract a visitor 50 miles one-way and retain a visitor for at least three hours. 

Information on the Expansion Grant Program may be available at a future date.