North Dakota Tourism Grants


Marketing and Event Grants

The Marketing Grant Program supports individual businesses, communities and tourism marketing organizations wanting to promote North Dakota tourism-related programs or projects.

The Events Grant Program supports communities, and event promoters wanting to regionally promote their tourism-related event. 

Funding for these grant programs may be available at a future date.



Expansion Grants

Tourism Expansion Grants are matching grants requiring the sponsor to provide $1 for every $1 of grant money being requested. The total amount of grant dollars awarded for this program is $100,000 with individual grant amounts ranging from $5,000 to $24,000.  Funds may be used to build or expand tourism and recreation attractions.  The attraction must have the ability to attract a visitor 50 miles one-way and retain a visitor for at least three hours. 

Funding for the Expansion Grant Program may be available at a future date.