9 Legendary ways to get into the Olympic spirit in North Dakota

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The world has been watching athletes at the Olympic Winter Games in Russia. How have you been celebrating the spirit of the games? North Dakota is a winter playground and a perfect place to continue the Winter Olympic spirit. So hit the slopes, put on your sliders and head to a bonspiel, or lace up your skates. You don’t need to be a gold-medal athlete to have Olympic-size fun in North Dakota! For more ideas, contact North Dakota Tourism at NDtourism.com or call 800-435-5663 or 701-328-2525.

1.    Hockey
The Olympic-bound Lamoureux sisters of Grand Forks got their start in hockey on English Coulee. Today, activities like pond hockey give young players a chance to develop their games while UND hockey, United States Hockey League and North American Hockey League games provide the ultimate inspiration.

2.    Curling
As a kid, you may recall mom or dad telling you “don’t throw rocks.” As adults, we challenge you to “throw rocks” down a sheet of ice as part of a curling team. There are a number of clubs across North Dakota with bonspiels taking place statewide. Pick up a broom to join in the fun with the North Dakota Curling Association.

3.    Snowboarding
There’s something to be said about a guy who can land a double backside rodeo or a girl that hits a perfect backside 540, mainly that it took a lot of work. Get started today on the runs at North Dakota’s downhill ski and snowboard areas.

4.    Downhill Skiing
Did you know that North Dakota has downhill ski areas? Before heading out west to the Rockies, shake the rust off those edges at Huff Hills, Frostfire Ski Resort, and Bottineau Winter Park. The snow is excellent.

5.    Skating
Former Olympian Mark Ludwig honed his skills on the rinks in North Dakota, and we invite you to lace up those skates and give it a try. There is an abundance of indoor and outdoor facilities. What are you waiting for? Get out there and practice those double toe loops and Hamill camels.

6.    Cultural Camaraderie
Turn your weekend getaway into a cultural escape, much like that enjoyed by athletes in the Olympic Village. Experience North Dakota’s roadside art or discover hidden gems, then grab a warm drink and reminisce about the days gone by.

7.    Sledding
Jamaican bobsledders found a way to get downhill fast, so can you. Some of North Dakota’s best sledding hills are found in its state or city parks. Many have warming houses to take the chill off and some have tube rentals if you’re seeking the thrill.

8.    Cross country skiing
That quiet you hear is your own heart beating as you glide silently through the woodlands at Cross Ranch or along the Greenway in Grand Fork. North Dakota’s wide array of landscapes makes cross-country skiing truly legendary.

9.    Stay on your game
Stay active and on top of your game by training for upcoming marathons with the first event being February’s Frozen Feat in Grand Forks.  You might also want to hone that golf swing, practice your jump kick, take some cuts with the bat or perfect your backstroke at one of North Dakota’s indoor facilities.

These are just a handful of ways to share in the Olympic spirit in North Dakota. For more information, go to NDtourism.com or phone 800-435-5663 or 701-328-2525.

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