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Posted by Scooter Pursley on April 27, 2016
After months of speculation, former Bismarck Century and North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz has joined the ranks of elite North Dakota athletes given the opportunity to make it big in professional sports. Wentz was selected No. 2 by the Philadelphia Eagles in Thursday’s National... Read More
Posted by Cassie Theurer on April 20, 2016
If you are a photographer, and a North Dakota resident, start taking and collecting your recent North Dakota images for the Governor's Photo Contest for Travel and Tourism! Winners receive cash prizes and will have their photographs on display in the Capitol. You have until August 31st to get... Read More
Posted by Jeremy M. Elbert on March 29, 2016
When the winter months set in, many outdoors people hang up their camouflage, their bows, rods and basically the majority of their hunting and outdoors related gear. It is a great time to rest and relax as the winter months can certainly be a difficult time to be active outdoors, unless you're an... Read More
Posted by Cassie Theurer on March 24, 2016
It was time for a date night, and my husband was in charge of planning the night. We’ve been living in the Bismarck area for about a year now, so there is still much for our family to explore. We’ve heard lots of great things about businesses in downtown Bismarck and my husband decided it was time... Read More
Posted by Scooter Pursley on March 14, 2016
Like a lot of other folks, I didn't just spring forward on Sunday, I sprang out the door and into the saddle to meet a couple of friends for a "short" motorcycle ride on yet another 70-degree - technically still winter - day. Not a long ride, we thought, just long enough to feel like we made a... Read More
Posted by Mike Jensen on March 11, 2016
                     Devils Lake, North Dakota, is a fishing destination unlike anywhere else. I recently had a chance to go ice fishing on the lake and here are five reasons I think ice anglers need to add Devils Lake to their bucket... Read More
Posted by Heather LeMoine on February 11, 2016
Sakakawea statue at the entrance to the North Dakota Heritage Center. Photo by Sharon Silengo On the North Dakota State Capitol grounds in Bismarck, a 12-foot high bronze statue of Sakakawea and her baby son, Jean Baptiste, stands near the Heritage Center - the state's largest museum.... Read More
Posted by Sara Otte Coleman on February 03, 2016
Last week, we debuted our new tourism advertising campaign for North Dakota and it is shining a national spotlight on our state. This campaign will run in our key markets of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois and the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada. It’s our invitation for non-... Read More
Posted by Sara Otte Coleman on February 03, 2016
Grand Forks North Dakota is known as one the America’s great hockey towns. In fact, the website has again named the city the top hockey town in the nation. A weekend trip to this hockey crazed town makes a great getaway. The University of North Dakota has a long tradition of putting... Read More
Posted by Fred Walker on January 07, 2016
Christmas morning came and so did new sleds for the kids! We knew we would have to give them a test run at some point. Luckily we are great northerners and take all of our outside gear on our winter travels! So that afternoon we loaded up the two vehicles needed to haul the cargo – kids, sleds... Read More
Showing 11 - 20 of 263