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Posted by Scooter Pursley on May 24, 2017
   There was a time many years ago when summer semi-pro or minor league baseball was all around North Dakota. In the "Good Old Days" you had to be at the ballpark, listen to the radio or read the paper to find out if the Pards or Barons or Rattlers, and so on, won last night. Now with... Read More
Posted by Scooter Pursley on May 09, 2017
No matter where in the world young French tour operator Amandine goes in years to come, North Dakota will always have a place in her heart. It has to. North Dakota is the first state Amandine toured on her first visit to the United States after her first International Roundup.   On the other... Read More
Posted by Scooter Pursley on May 07, 2017
Have you ever stopped in on a road a few feet away from a large buffalo - OK bison, but we like to call them buffalo - and swore he was bobbing his head to Gordon Lightfoot music. It happed to us on Sunday. I swear. Rolling through the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt in a sweltering van and no... Read More
Posted by Scooter Pursley on May 06, 2017
    For 12 hours on Saturday, I was an answer man when called upon. I felt inferior a everyone in my van - three international tour operators on a FAM to see the sites around North Dakota - all of whom are multi-lingual. I speak poor English and Southern, but communicated well enough to... Read More
Posted by Valerie Estelle Rogers/V. Estelle Travel on April 18, 2017
                          If, on their journey to the Pacific Ocean, Lewis and Clark had golfed, they would have spent significant time driving and putting their way around North Dakota while en route through New Town toward... Read More
Posted by Scooter Pursley on April 03, 2017
  Question: What does baseball and North Dakota "Champagne Music Maker" Lawrence Welk have in common? Answer: The 1-2-3. The late big band leader from Strasburg would begin songs with "a1, a2, a3." Thus, in these parts, a 1-2-3 twin killing is sometimes referred to as a Lawrence Welk.... Read More
Posted by Parker Scott on March 30, 2017
                                         Parker Scott is an outdoor enthusiast who shares his favorite North Dakota adventures. The Deuce: There are so many amazing vistas and features on both... Read More
Posted by Mike Jensen on March 29, 2017
I had the opportunity last May to try my hand at paddlefishing near the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri rivers near Williston, North Dakota. This had been one of my personal bucket list activities, not only because of the possibility of catching a hundred-plus-pound fish, but also to... Read More
Posted by Alicia Ewen on March 13, 2017
The middle of nowhere isn’t exactly a place that makes it to a lot of bucket lists. But it did make it on my to-do list this past weekend in the name of some good fishing. To be more specific, my “middle of nowhere” destination was Lake Sibley. It’s about 9 miles of dirt roads and open fields... Read More
Posted by Fred Walker on December 09, 2016
    North Dakota’s fourth season has quietly been absent as of late with only a dusting of snow at times, following prediction after prediction of mass hysteria of biblical amounts of snowfall. Well, it looks as though we will actually have a winter in 2016-2017 even though it started a... Read More
Showing 1 - 10 of 271