The state's best pie?

Mathematicians rejoice!  We're celebrating Pi Day!

Okay ... I admit, maybe I'm not really celebrating Pi as much as using the excuse to talk about pie.  But the two are a bit related.  After all Pi (Π) has everything to do with the round shape of pie.  (It's the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter ... just in case you didn't know.)

I hope I haven't completely lost you because the point of talking about Pi is really to mention one of my favorite round treats found in North Dakota and an awesome place to get pie.

Kuchen - It's Kind of Like Pie

Kuchen is technically a German word for cake.  At Lapp's Bakery in Hebron, they make 30 kinds of kuchen distributed in five states.  (My favorite is pumpkin cheese.)  Thankfully, that rich German heritage in North Dakota can be savored by taste buds too!

The Tower City Travel Center

On Interstate 94, about 40 miles west of Fargo, the welcoming town of Tower City is a popular stop for travelers.  On a busy summer day, the Tower Travel Center will go through 245 slices of pie before 3 p.m.  Some of the favorites are: sour cream raisin, black forest, banana cream, apple, peanut butter and lemon meringue.  Get there early or call ahead to reserve your slice.