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Custer Trail Auto Tour follows route through the Badlands toward Montana.

Games, refreshments, entertainment and row and rows of pumpkins. It won't be long before pumpkin patches around the state open in preparation for Halloween.

Most areas around the state are reporting some change, from 25% to more than 100%. There are many places to watch fall colors emerge. Here are a baker's dozen. (Updated October 1).

Every state has its quirky or unique brand of "roadside" art. North Dakota's happen to be animals of mythic proportions. When visiting various areas around the state, take a few minutes to check out these larger-than-life attractions.

North Dakota has a rich legacy of ethnically and architecturally diverse historic churches.

Lewis and Clark left their clubs at home. You don't have to. Try these challenging golf courses.

Experience some of the best golfing to be had in North Dakota at three incredible golf courses. The Links of North Dakota near Williston, Vardon Golf Club near Minot and Bully Pulpit Golf Course near Bismarck feature  world-class golf for a great price. Click here to learn more about the Triple Golf Challenge.

Looking for wildlife? Waterfowl, raptors, deer, moose and other species of wildlife can be seen.

Follow the Chan SanSan Scenic Backway through a glacial valley carved 12,000 years ago.

Showing 21 - 30 of 47