Rock Climbing in North Dakota

Rock climbing. The name itself can send chills up your spine and cause others to shake with excitement. Rock climbing isn't an activity most would associate with North Dakota. But a dedicated group of climbing enthusiasts has identified several climbing hotspots in the state and created beta for those climbs and other off-the-beaten-path tests. Details can be found in the book "Northern Buttey" by climber Dakota Walz. Click here to order your book, get permission when needed and lay out your route to lofty vistas in North Dakota. Climbing in a challenging and dangerous activity. Those who choose to climb, do so at their own risk. Click here for more about climbing in North Dakota.

Square Butte

Square Butte has some of the tallest walls in North Dakota with some routes pushing 90 feet. 

Medora, ND
Ice Caves

The Ice Caves feature a variety of formations, Small caves are there for exploring and foliage provides some shade in the summer.

Grassy Butte, ND
Killdeer Boulders

Beginning climbers will enjoy the white limestone boulders, most are in the V0-1 range. A great place to climb around waiting for sandstone to dry after rain or snow.

Killdeer, ND
Chimney Butte

Chimney Butte is an oasis on the prairie. From the summit, one gets a great view of the surrounding country. Be aware of soft rock on your climbing.

Keene, ND
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