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North Dakota's canoeing and kayaking waters are as diverse as the state itself. Whether canoeists prefer the scenery presented by agricultural plains, rugged Badlands, thickly wooded slopes or gentle river bluffs, North Dakota's rivers offer a challenge to beginners and experienced paddlers alike... Read More
Whether you're traveling by luxury RV or with a pup tent in the back of the pick-up, camping adventures await at 1,300 North Dakota campsites. With 14 state parks and recreation areas and countless local camping facilities, North Dakota is a great place to camp. There is abundant activity... Read More
The abundance of rivers and lakes in North Dakota makes it a paradise for water recreation. Sail the length of Lake Sakakawea or navigate Devils Lake's ever-increasing surface area by motorboat or personal watercraft. And nothing beats a lazy afternoon with the pontoon beached on a Missouri... Read More
North Dakota is smack dab in the middle of the Central Flyway, making it a top destination for millions of birds. The action-packed spring migration season provides astounding opportunities to see birds in their natural habitat, boasting beautiful breeding plumage. Birding drives and hiking trails... Read More
North Dakota's varied topography offers mountain bikers many choices for riding. From 1 million acres of rugged buttes in the Little Missouri National Grasslands to the rolling hills of the Turtle Mountains, North Dakota has many trails waiting to be discovered, including the Maah Daah Hey Trail.... Read More
North Dakota Aviation and Flying If your vacation has you, literally, in the pilot's seat there are some great reasons for visiting North Dakota's skies. People are naturally drawn to the skies in North Dakota. In a land of wide-open spaces and crystal clear skies, the state is a perfect place to... Read More
Loyalty runs deep in the pits and in the stands as drivers hit the tracks for another season of auto racing. Your loyalty may lie with a sprint car team in Grand Forks or a WISSOTA modified legend in Mandan. Regardless of the track or the driver, the rumble will be the same when ladies... Read More
North Dakota doesn't lack for entertainment with more than 500 events, festivals, galleries and concerts annually. Plan to sing along, do a two-step or craft your own creation at one of North Dakota's arts and entertainment venues. Check out the sites for plays, athletic events, galleries, special... Read More
Millions of years before North Dakota was a state, prehistoric creatures were living out their legendary adventures. Today, visitors can explore fossil-bearing sites ranging in age from 30 years to 73 million years. Literally get your hands dirty excavating prehistoric sites through an education... Read More
AgriTourism Agritourism is the crossroads of tourism and agriculture. Agriculture is one of North Dakota's leading industry and its magnificent beauty and impact can be explored by visitors. Touring North Dakota's vast and rolling plains is just one way to see agriculture as a part of everyday... Read More
Showing 131 - 140 of 154