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April 6, 2016 Newsletter Travel UpdatesTourism Industry ConferenceInternational MarketingGroup Travel Expert TipCooperative Marketing   Travel Update Sazerac Alley featuring New Orleans-inspired menu now open in Fargo. Formerly Monte's Downtown. Golf courses around the state are opening,... Read More
Between work, school, shuttling kids to practice, meal prep, homework, yardwork and all the other forms of “work” that fill your lives, sometimes the best thing for your family is to push the pause button for some quality time together. The importance of family time, relaxation and unplugging are... Read More
By now, most people know that fishing season in North Dakota never ends. But it does have a start and end date, which is a date on which new rules go into effect. That date is April 1, and there area few things anglers need to know about, well, angling, before they hit the water. Here are a... Read More
On North Dakota waters, walleyes rule. There are many other species that present different challenges, but there is nothing like a walleye straight out of the river and into a frying pan. Successful walleye outings take more than just casting a line with a spoon from the shore, or trolling... Read More
Every road in North Dakota leads to discovery. Here are some of the state's more popular routes. They lead through major cities and small towns; to attractions big and small; and to unique events and festivals that add to the Legendary charm of North Dakota. Take time to traverse one or all. You... Read More
Now is the time to start planning your summer trips to North Dakota. First, the good news: Your trip to North Dakota just got more affordable with better room rates and lower gas prices. This summer is the perfect time to visit, whether it is your first time or you’re coming back for more. Now the... Read More
March 17, 2016 Newsletter   Travel UpdateTourism Industry ConferenceGovernor's Awards for TourismList Your Events at NDtourism.com2015 Annual Report AvailableGroup Travel Expert TipNorth Dakota Living Highlights TourismCooperative MarketingTech Tip   Travel Update Norsk Hostfest... Read More
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