Hikers climb a butte in Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Hikers climb a butte in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Start Your Journey to North Dakota

Getting an early start on planning will make your trip to North Dakota Legendary

So you’re coming to North Dakota to visit, maybe even planning to stay a while. How do you know what to bring? What to wear? Where to stay? What to do? You can find the answers to most of your questions online.

North Dakota can be fickle when it comes to weather, but other than the dead of winter, you’ll likely find enjoyable weather with warm, sunny days and cool to mild nights. Click here to find out what to bring and expect in terms of weather when you visit.

Should you be making a trip to North Dakota by automobile, plan ahead for possible construction zone delays. Click here for road conditions updated by the North Dakota Department of Transportation. Click here for visitor services, digital travel guides and more to make your travels more hassle free.

Once you arrive, you will find adventures to fill your days and nights. Let the North Dakota Tourism website be your personal guide to attractions, accommodations and events. You may also find Best Places recommendations and itineraries.

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