New Fishing Piers Installed

New piers allow easier access to North Dakota fishing waters

Everyone who has ever cast from shore has a story to tell about slipping on the rocks or sliding down the slippery bank into the water. It’s one of the hazards that come with shore fishing. If you aren’t on a boat, you’ll have to cast and reel or get that bobber setup out into the lake or river, often with repeated casts.

For some, angling along the shore isn’t possible or it’s very difficult. But in North Dakota, we are trying to make fishing fun and accessible to everyone. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has taken steps to make shore fishing easier by installing fishing piers throughout the state. Not only do they help those with physical limitations, but others can also enjoy solid footing on the favorite fishing hole.

Click here for a list by counties of the locations of the new piers. Then head out for a fun day at the water’s edge.


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