North Dakota hockey at Ralph Engelstad Arena.
North Dakota hockey at Ralph Engelstad Arena.

March Madness in North Dakota

Outdoor activities heat up with the return of spring

What exactly is March Madness? For some, it's more than basketball. It's the feeling they get knowing that winter is over and spring has arrived.

That means it's time to start thinking about those new toys you'll need for the lake or campground this summer. Williston will have a sports and recreation show in mid-March, while the Red River Valley Motororcycle Show and Prime Steel Car Show in Grand Forks and the FM Crusaders Bike Show in Fargo are guaranteed to get your motor running.

On the sports front, March Madness takes hold across the state with North Dakota State and the University of North Dakota headed toward NCAA basketball and hockey tournaments. High school tournaments are in full stride and it won't be long before lakes start opening up to open-water fishing.

March is a month of transitions, where we emerge from our winter activities, stretch and hum a song from the Beatles: "Here comes the sun, I say, it's all right ..." 


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