Hunters Already in the Fields

The 2017 hunting season has arrived in North Dakota

The first step toward planning a hunting trip is know what you want to hunt, where you want to hunt it and when you can legally do so. Hunting seasons as set by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department can be found by clicking here. Now you know what and when you can hunt. It’s up to you to find out where in North Dakota is the best location for the game you are chasing.

Canade and light goose season is already open, as is dove, duck, Hungarian partridge, ruffed grouse, sharp-tailed grouse and mule deer and white-tail deer bow season. The popular pheasant opener is October 7.

Now that you know what and when you are hunting, all you have to do is decide where: Devils Lake and the Central Flyway in central and eastern North Dakota is great for waterfowl, while areas mostly – but not exclusively – in the south and west are best for upland game like pheasants. Deer can be found anywhere, with white-tail found mostly on the prairies and mule deer mostly in the rugged western Badlands.

Be safe and have fun in the field.

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