Frostival - And More

An event celebrating the cool of winter in one of the coolest places around

Contrary to popular belief, winter is not a year-round season is North Dakota. On the contrary, it is rather short and can range from mild to extreme. The arrival of winter, while never predictable, is inevitable and places like Fargo embrace it for its recreational opportunities.

Frostival in Fargo and West Fargo and neighboring Moorhead, Minn., is a celebration of the season so closely linked by outsiders to the state. Instead of running from winter, the cities have developed a weekend designed to take advantage of snow and ice and cold. Frostival this year is scheduled for January 27-28.

Frostival includes activities for all ages so everyone can feel the chill. Activities include kickball and disc golf tournaments, a real golf tournament, cross-country ski races, snowshoe races, a sled parade, Winter Rocks skating, a softball tournament and more. And when you are thoroughly “frosted,” have a bowl of hot chili.

Frostival is one of many such events celebrating the season in North Dakota. Devils Lake hosts its annual Volunteer Fire Department Ice Fishing Tournament (4,000 anglers on the lake!) on January 28 and Shiverfest February 17-19. In Jamestown, the city's winter celebration - Cabin Fever Days - is the city’s version of Frostival and Shiverfest and runs February 3-12.

Instead of hiding out or staying away, experience something totally unique; something the folks down south will never appreciate.


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