Enjoy holidays (and winter) in North Dakota

Take your pick. Enjoy the holidays indoors or outdoors

There are two ways to enjoy winter and the holiday season in North Dakota: indoors and outdoors.

Much of what people do here over Christmas break is dictated by the weather. If it’s really cold out, grab a warm drink, huddle up with friends or family and talk about old times and times to come. If it’s snowy and acceptably cool, head outdoors to downhill or cross-country ski, skate or take a walk in the woods.

Indoors we are treated to musical acts that are only part of the Christmas entertainment lineup in December. 

When we get that itch to get outdoors, we’ve got more than 2,000 miles of snowmobile trails, three downhill ski areas and untold miles of cross-country ski trails. In the case of a mild winter, cross-country ski and snowmobile trails become hiking trails and overnighting in yurts or cabins at state parks allows for awesome evenings under the stars and by a roaring fire.

Get out and enjoy the holiday season and one of the many December events in North Dakota or stay inside and enjoy the company of friends and family. That’s two ways to create Legendary holiday memories. 

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