Buffalo City: Jamestown Attractions

When early Jamestown settlers arrived in North Dakota, thundering herds of magnificent bison stampeded across windswept prairies and grazed wide-open grasslands.

Even to this day, visitors can get a glimpse at these wondrous beasts, which are held sacred by American Indian tradition. Preserving its heritage as the “Buffalo City,” Jamestown pays homage to the bison with interesting museums, larger-than-life monuments and live herds roaming in pastures.

To explore Jamestown’s fascinating history, take a trip to Frontier Village, an old-time settlement of original pioneer buildings, relocated from around the Great Plains and filled with historical artifacts. An exciting, family-friendly destination, Frontier Village offers stagecoach and pony rides, exhilarating Wild West shoot-outs, and gift shops featuring North Dakota products and handmade goods by local artisans — not to mention, several important bison attractions.

In the National Buffalo Museum, visitors can discover the vital role bison played for early plains settlers, while learning about history dating back to prehistoric times. Just outside the museum, you’ll find a live bison herd, roaming the pastures. Each year, thousands of visitors come to this area to spot these rare, majestic creatures grazing the grasslands.

For the ultimate photo op, make sure to visit Dakota Thunder, the World’s Largest Buffalo Monument, located just outside Frontier Village. The town’s claim to fame, this 60-ton cement statue stands 25 feet tall, welcoming visitors to Jamestown since 1959.

More Historical Attractions
Learn more about this area’s storied past with a visit to these other historical attractions in Jamestown:

Stutsman County Memorial Museum
Peruse relics from the early settlement and chat with one of the local historians at this museum housed in the Lutz Mansion.

Fort Seward
See the largest United States flag on display in the state of North Dakota at this former Army post.

St. James Basilica
Marvel at the American Gothic-style architecture of this breathtaking church.

Louis L’Amour Trail
Visit beloved sites of this American author, famous for his western novels. Highlights include the Alfred E. Dickey Free Library and the Historic Franklin School.

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