And We’re Off to the Rodeo!

Traveling to western North Dakota brings you to the open plains, the rugged buttes and wide-open spaces. Look around at the pastures dotted with cattle, and you might see an occasional rider checking the herd as they stroll down the hills. This is the Western Edge.

Bringing you back to a time of self-reliance and a time of well-earned ranching skills, your vacation will become an experience that you will not only enjoy, but learn a whole lot about. The land, and the people who persevered to bring us to today’s level of comfort, are documented in living history throughout western North Dakota.

Dickinson, located along Interstate 94, or along the Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway next to the interstate, is host to several rodeos, including the annual Roughrider Days Fair & Expo. The Dickinson Museum Center is an on-site resource of early ranching in the area. Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University is creating a comprehensive archive of the papers of Theodore Roosevelt, including more than a million Roosevelt documents: letters, cartoons, photos, films, scrapbooks, diaries and newspaper articles.

With more than 1,800 lodging rooms, unique dining and downtown retail, making Dickinson your stop while exploring the area gives you several directions to explore a diversity of interests.

The annual Taylor Horsefest, just east of Dickinson, has a variety of experiences for the entire family. Enjoy an all-horse parade, watch the horses as they swath hay, rake hay and create the huge haystacks. Or, walk over the corn field where the horses are cultivating the corn rows. Beyond the farm work, there are plenty of fun exhibits and things for the entire family.

The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame in Medora tells the story of Native Americans, the cowboys and cowgirls who lived in the area and the rodeo history of North Dakota. While in Medora, visit Theodore Roosevelt’s cabin, located in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The New York Times named Theodore Roosevelt National Park the #5 place in the world to visit in 2016. The breathtaking scenery of not only wildlife, but of the red scoria buttes dotted with juniper trees, beckons you to explore the park’s latticework of hiking trails.

Traveling back to Dickinson can point you in the next direction during your stay. Little Missouri State Park, Lynch’s Knife River Flint Quarries to the north and Enchanted Highway to the east will give you plenty to experience while out west.

Don’t forget, cowboys are free, the bull is extra.

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