The stars at night are big, bright and unforgettable when camping the Badlands.
The stars at night are big, bright and unforgettable when camping the Badlands.

6 Legendary ways to enjoy spring in North Dakota

You’ve been waiting for the weather to turn. Now its your turn.

You are invited to be more than spectators to the great things to do in North Dakota in the spring.

1.    Spring Training

The arrival of spring is a breath of fresh air as avid runners and those just out for a little jog can get back outside. To some, going back outdoors means it's time to start training for competitive running season. Find a race near you!

2.    Spring Fever

It’s almost time to dust off those clubs, get the motorcycle out of hibernation and hit the open road and fairway. With more than 350 campgrounds, 110-plus golf courses and 10 scenic byways and backways, North Dakota is the perfect playground.

3.    Birds are back

You don't have to look at the flocks of waterfowl trekking north to know that the birds are back. With spring come the return doezens of species to the Northern Plains. If you don't believe it, crack your window in the morning and listen. Then collect you field glasses and see what you can see.

4.   Fore!

The grass isn't green and the trees are showng leaves, but oh what a roll you can get on the golf course. Soon, golf courses around the state will begin taking tee times and letting the hardcore golfers tee off. Brown golf will eventually give way to plush fairways and trees.

5.    Museum Challenge

How many museums are there in North Dakota? We invite you to find the answer. Make a trip out of it and see how many of our state museums or historic sites you can visit this spring. Can you handle a day at a North Dakota museum?

6.     Fishing

The ice is off the rivers and lakes and the fish are hungry. Spring is a good time to get back out on the water for some early fishing. Click here for some of the best fishing found in North Dakota.

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