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The U.S. Rocky Mountain states of North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming are pleased to welcome you to the true American West. We know that most visitors wisely choose to see our part of America not as four individual states but as a region filled with an exciting variety of... Read More
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Make plans now to attend the 2017 North Dakota Travel Industry Conference, to be held April 17-19 at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Bismarck. Conference keynote speakers include the Futurist Joe Tankersly, Meredith Travel National Sales Manager Melissa Lubbe, Tourism Economics CEO Adam Sacks and... Read More
We’ve all seen the movie “Fargo” and its dreary depiction of life here in the dead of winter. And while North Dakotans took it at face value and got laugh out of it, others saw it as a representation of the vast nothingness of the Northern Plains locked in the dead of winter. Well, that was a... Read More
  Sponsors are valued partners and instrumental in the success of the North Dakota Travel Industry Conference. If you are considering sponsoring the 2017 conference, please explore the partnership opportunities listed in this year's sponsorship letter.   To make a sponsorship commitment... Read More
Contrary to popular belief, winter is not a year-round season is North Dakota. On the contrary, it is rather short and can range from mild to extreme. The arrival of winter, while never predictable, is inevitable and places like Fargo embrace it for its recreational opportunities. Frostival in... Read More
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